Ani is 11 years old. She is a singer/songwriter. Ani recorded her first original song and music video “Holiday” in late 2013. Ani’s describes Holiday as:

“a fun song, for children my age. It’s about good friends, parties and summer”.

In the music video for “Holiday” Ani appears comfortable and self-assured. What most people don’t know about her is, she struggles with confidence and perfectionism.

“It’s not easy for me to admit that I did well, even when I do. I know

there is always lots of room for improvement

There are so many talented people out there ’

I have high expectations of myself”.

In 2014, Ani wrote 10 songs and recorded 7. She writes songs about issues close to her heart. Her first single in the Ep “ Come On People ” is about urging others to have compassion and help other in need. Its lyrics speak for themselves.

“I’m thinking ’bout all the people
Who don’t have a place to sleep
They live out on the streets
Begging for something to eat ”

Ani says, in today’s world it is important for children to know their self-worth. Relying on others to validate you is silly. Her song “I Know It” is constructed around this philosophy.

In early 2014, in an effort to help others like herself, Ani started to appear monthly on a segment called Kidzbiz with Ani-K. On the segment she discusses many issues related to children, from kids in detention centres to speaking to Genevieve Bailey the Director of the documentary“ I am Eleven”.

“I love the segment. I would like

to think that the show helps others like myself. I want the show to be informative, yet fun.

Obviously, I am very new to this but I am hoping to learn quickly and become at least a little similar to a mixture of Michael Parkinson, Jimmy Fallon and Graham Norton.

It’s possibly the most enjoyable thing I do, aside from singing”.

In her spare time Ani sings for Radio Lollipop and other venues around Perth. She says,

“Performing is such an important part of my life. It has to be, for me to succeed. It can be enjoyable and it can also bring the worst out in me. Sometimes, I get very anxious and I struggle to keep composed”.

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